Piercings may be scheduled online any time, or you can call 817-717-5058 during business hours. All piercings include your choice of style of implant-grade titanium jewelry. We do not pierce with surgical steel or other low-grade metals. Using only the highest quality jewelry significantly reduces the chance for rejection, migration, hypertrophic scarring, or other adverse reactions to ensure a healthy heal.

We also have additional jewelry upgrades available for purchase. Our clients deserve ONLY the best Association of Professional Piercers (APP) approved jewelry lines! US standard medical implant grade titanium (the REAL deal!) and SOLID gold! We offer both Swarovski and genuine stones like diamonds, moonstones, opals, emeralds, amethyst, mercury mist topaz, moss agate, and MORE!
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Youth/minor earlobe piercing information:

For all ear piercings on children under 8 years old, our piercer Sam suggests calling ahead and speaking directly with her. This will give her an opportunity to discuss the piercing process, how to best prepare your child, and answer any questions you may have. Piercings for children are scheduled for one hour to give Sam the uninterrupted time she needs to move at your child's pace and to make it an empowering and positive experience for the entire family.  Also, generally Sam recommends waiting until babies are 6 months old in most cases for their first ear piercing.

PLEASE NOTE: All piercings for minors must meet the state's requirements for identification, including:

-parent or guardian must be present in the room at the time of the piercing

-parent or guardian must have a valid photo ID

-minor child must have identification; examples: state ID, military ID, school ID, yearbook, or other photo with name identification

-the BIRTH CERTIFICATE of the minor child must be present, in hand; no copies can be accepted unless it is a certified copy from the county clerk

Please contact the shop and speak to Sam or Ariana if you have any questions about the piercing process or the document requirements.

Parents should be checking their children's piercings until they are fully healed. Redness, swelling, or any problems should be discussed with your piercer so that you may get DIRECTION BEFORE YOU ACT! Don't panic or worry! Kids are generally more rough, less aware of dirty hands, and forget not to touch at times. It happens! Problems are easily addressed and fixed, just give Sam a shout for help before taking any action.

Pricing for piercings is as follows: 

$100 ear lobes for adults, $120 for kids (11 and under). 

$70 for each piercing on the ear, nostril, lip, tongue, or navel. 

$80 for floating navel.

$100 for industrial.

$105 for dermal or bridge.

$115 for nipples.

$130 for surface.

**$10.00 off for additional piercings on the same person during the same visit!


Note: Any piercings above the lobe should be expected to have a much longer and more high maintenance heal.

Remember Sam and Ariana’s number 1 rule: DON'T TOUCH IT! A piercing is a commitment! Until it is fully healed, it is an open wound. Touching it with what can easily be unclean hands, playing with your jewelry, or otherwise traumatizing it can easily lead to infection, hypertrophic scarring or "piercing bumps'', discomfort, and prolonged healing times. Healing times vary from person to person, but generally are 3 to 6 months to fully heal. Your piercing does strengthen with each passing day, but it must be cared for to fully heal and become durable. When it's time to downsize or change your jewelry, be sure to schedule these follow ups with your piercer. Should you run into troubles, please schedule a follow up or otherwise contact your piercer for direction, before you attempt anything not directed below.


- Sam and Ariana recommend NeilMed Piercing Aftercare or Hypochlorous Aftercare Spray, ONLY.

- Remember to always keep your piercing dry! Almost all problems with piercings can be sourced back to moisture build up. After showers you should pat your piercing dry with a paper towel, then use a blow dryer on low or cool to blow dry your piercing directly for 2-5 minutes.

- If you think you have an infection, or a problem NEVER TAKE YOUR JEWELRY OUT! Your piercing will quickly close, trapping inside whatever yuckies may need to be dried out. Contact Sam or Ariana for direction, before acting.

HEALING TIMELINE - it's important to remember these times are average. Every person is different and heal times are hugely affected by moisture build up and trauma. Pay attention to your specific body. Once your jewelry is moving loosely on its own without being moved by hand, and you have wrapped up the majority of your “crusties,” you are ready for downsizing. Below is a GENERAL timeline.


Week 1-2 - Inflammation. Swelling, redness and clear fluid are normal. Ice ice baby!

Week 3-6 - Healing. Yellow, white, or clear “crusties” form, don't pick them! This is when the itching begins. They have a purpose in your healing and will keep your piercing safe from dirt, debris, and other germs, similar to a scab. Allow the crusties to resolve themselves organically. Please note that secretion being more “goopy” and wet than dry and crusty is indicative of moisture build up and means you are NOT drying your piercings well enough.

Week 6 - Downsizing! Schedule a follow up appointment, so that we may update your jewelry to something more fitted, as you no longer need room for swelling, and the extra length may become hazardous! It's easily snagged once it becomes super roomy! Sleeping on lengthy jewelry can also cause migration, and permanently changes the angle of your piercing. See included graphic.

Following Downsize - Maturation. Redness should be mostly gone. Still clean the piercing, daily.


- Use alcohol-free mouth rinse after every meal. You may use the mouthwash you purchased from us, or, any other ALCOHOL FREE option. If you smoke, rinse after every time. If you continuously vape, rinse every hour so. - Follow FACIAL aftercare for lip piercings. - Ice and cold drinks during healing. - Swelling is normal for 2 weeks. - Eat soft foods (bland, nothing crunchy, spicy, or super salty, i.e. mac n cheese) during initial healing and do not drink BEER or any other beverage that contains yeast. You may drink any other liquor. - Do NOT play with jewelry at all. - Downsize jewelry in 4-6 weeks. - Healing can take up to 3 months.



- Shampoo, body wash, etc. should not be allowed into the piercing channel. Rinse very well at the end of your shower. NO BATHS!

- Do not turn/twist jewelry, do not touch it, do not pick off the protective "crusties" your body forms. - BLOW DRY YOUR BODY PIERCING FOR 5 MINUTES AFTER SHOWER! DERMALS

- Ice for first 24-48hrs.- Don't pick crusties or blood.

- Let dry out, don't cover after day 1.

- Be very careful not to catch! - Anchor's heal in around 1 month.

- Don't change the head yourself until you have had this piercing for some time and have experience changing it. Schedule your first change as a follow up appointment!



- Do not change your initial jewelry until you are completely healed. You can book a Client Check Up to be sure.

- Sleeping on or bumping your piercing will slow healing and cause irritation bumps. Be gentle and consider a neck pillow, if you are a rough sleeper!

- Oral piercings that are constantly played with will rip and cause white bumpy scar tissue.

- Using alcohol wipes, Dettol, betadine, listerine, antibacterial soap or any harsh products will harm your piercing. WE KNOW WAY MORE NOW THAN WE DID 10 YEARS AGO! Stick to gentle aftercare and DON'T TOUCH IT! PATIENCE IS KEY WITH BODY PIERCINGS!

Children - Parents should be checking their children's piercings until they are fully healed. Redness, swelling, or any problems should be discussed with your piercer so that you may get DIRECTION BEFORE YOU ACT! Don't panic or worry! Kids are generally more rough, less aware of dirty hands, and forget not to touch at times. It happens! Problems are easily addressed and fixed, just give Sam a shout for help before taking any action.

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